15th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development

The European Union (EU) deeply regrets that the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was unable to agree on a ambitious text on energy, climate, air pollution and
industrial development. The 15th annual session of the CSD met in New York in order to bring forward the commitments on sustainable development made in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
agreed in 2002.

The European Union is convinced that the CSD is a unique forum to advance sustainable development at the global level. Sustainable development needs an integrated approach and the CSD is the
right body to take this forward. It is regrettable that the CSD 15 did not succeed in playing that role.

“The world has been waiting for the UN to take concrete steps to address issues such as poverty eradication through access to affordable and sustainable energy services, energy efficiency,
renewable energies, climate change, air quality. The European Union has, therefore, worked tirelessly over the last two weeks to negotiate a meaningful agreement,” said the German Federal
Minister for the Environment, Sigmar Gabriel, representing the EU-Presidency.

“The challenges posed by climate change, energy security, and air pollution are now seen more clearly than five years ago. They require strengthened and more ambitious, international policy
commitments. It is unfortunate that the CSD 15 was unable to deliver,” said Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for the Environment.

The EU strongly supported time-bound targets for renewable energy, the integration of energy policies into national planning by 2010, a review arrangement for energy issues within in the CSD,
an international agreement on energy efficiency, among others. The EU considers these as essential elements on the way to achieving the Millennium development goals.


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