ALBEA cellar, located in Alberobello, one of the most characteristic and historical sites of the South Italy Puglia (Apulia) Region

ALBEA cellar, located in Alberobello, one of the most characteristic and historical sites of the South Italy Puglia (Apulia) Region

We would like to give you some information regarding the ALBEA cellar, located in Alberobello, one of the most characteristic and historical sites of the South Italy Puglia (Apulia)
The ALBEA cellar (from Alberobello’s historic name) was built early in the 1900s and the present construction took more than two years of careful work, given the unique architectural requests
made by the former owner, Luigi Lippolis.
The structure is entirely constructed in stone, with the wine vats set into the rock in the same manner used to install water supply tanks for the “trulli” dwellings. The cellar fits perfectly
into the beautiful surrounding and the elegant and sober interior architecture is reminiscent of a mosque, with star vaults that merge into the overhead supporting pillars, formed by overlapping
Alberobello, nominated as part of UNESCO’s universal heritage of humanity, is not only that splendid site that is known the world over for a typical construction called “trullo” and for the
variegated surrounding countryside, but is also and chiefly a rural centre of great significance, where over the centuries the cultivation of top quality vines has prevailed. Amongst the most
precious Apulian grapes to be produced in the Alberobello district and which are delivered to Cantina ALBEA, we find the fruits of autochthonous vines like Negroamaro, Primitivo di Manduria,
Primitivo di Gioia, Locorotondo D.O.C., as well as more recently installed vines including Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Montepulciano.
Thus top quality vines, which assure production of wines of high standards and undisputed merits that represent Apulia very well even on a vast and multiform national wine-making horizon.
Cantina ALBEA, one of this territory’s oldest and most accredited wineries, stands as an important example of how it is quite possible to reconcile production realities of modern philosophy with
classical structures of industrial archaeology which in our modest opinion, are more suitable for hosting and producing noble wines like those produced in the Alberobello district.
The production is duly managed by the Italian most famous wine-maker Riccardo Cotarella, who collaborate with the Cantina ALBEA’s oenologist Claudio Sisto, following vineyards,
vintages, fermentation and ageing.
The results are excellent and the quality/price ratio is very good. In just two years of the ALBEA cellar’s ownership by the Renzini Group the effort to produce great wines was
rewarded with the most important Italian prizes: Gambero Rosso, Veronelli, Bibenda, Luca Maroni.   

Folllowing some details regarding some of the Cantina ALBEA’s wines: 
PETRANERA  IGT Salento  RED – Primitivo This wine boasts an intense red hue and a full, pervasive bouquet with aromas of ripe fruit and golden-leaf
tobacco. It has a harmonious, lingering palate, with mature and balanced tannins. Serve at 18 °C. Excellent with cheese, aged charcuterie and red meats.
3 grappoli Bibenda AIS 2005/ AIS 2006/ AIS 2008/ 4 grappoli AIS 2011
Miglior Primitivo IGT Salento Wine Award                        
1 bicchiere Gambero Rosso 2006, 2009, 2 Bicchieri 2007, 2008 e 2011
86/100 Migliori vini d’Italia LM 2007, 2008 , 2009, 2010 e 2011

RARO  IGT Salento RED – Negroamaro, Primitivo Deep ruby in color, Raro has a complex, subtle and tempting nose, striking an exquisite bilance between
tannins and the spicy notes imparted by the barriques. The round palate of the Primitivo grape nobly balances the bitter finish typical of Negroamaro, whose tannins give the wine its excellent
structure and ensure good cellarability. Serve at 18 °C. Excellent with charcuterie and grilled meats.
4 grappoli Bibenda AIS 2005,2006 e 2011                        
Menzione nell’annuario dei Migliori Vini d’Italia 2005 e 2006 LM
2 bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011                        
86/100 Migliori Vini d’Italia LM 2011, 90/100 nel 2009 87/100 nel 2010
87/100 GUIDA ORO VERONELLI 2006                        
90/100 GUIDA ORO VERONELLI 2007                        

IL SELVA  DOC Locorotondo WHITE – Verdeca, Bianco d’Alessano, Fiano Greenish yellow in color, it is an intense, round wine with overtones of apple. It
has a bright, well-balanced palate with notable alcohol. Serve chilled at 10-13 °C. It is excellent with appetizers, seafood first courses and white meats.
3 grappoli Bibenda AIS 2005/ AIS 2006 / AIS 2008, 4 grappoli AIS 2011
85/100 Migliori Vini d’Italia LM 2010, 85/100 nel 2009 e 2011
Miglior Locorotondo DOC Wine Award 2004  

Other prestigious wines produced in the ALBEA cellar:  
THE MASUJIMA COLLECTION: three wines created to give an international flavour to three autochthonous vines; a white obtained from from Chardonnay and Verdeca, a red wine obtained from
Negroamaro e Cabernet Sauvignon and another red made from Montepulciano and Cabernet Sauvignon. 
: three wines obtained exclusively from three autochthonous vines (Verdeca, Primitivo, Negroamaro).  

The prestigious wine made to celebrate the celler’s centenary: The red “LUI”  Uva di Troia 100% Awards:         
4 grappoli Bibenda AIS 2006, 2008, 2011                        
94/100 guida oro Veronelli 2008                        
2 bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2006, 2007, 2011                        
3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso 2008/2009

86/100 guida Migliori Vini d’Italia LM 2009, 90/100 nel 2010, 96/100 nel 2011
Selezione GUIDA L’ESPRESSO 2007/2008   

Cantina Albea Alberobello
Via due Macelli, 8
70111 Alberobello (BA)
Italia. Tel/ Fax: 080-4323548      

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