Atos Origin supports high-jumper athlete Tia Hellebaut

Zaventem, 27 September 2007 -Atos Origin, an international IT services company and Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games, will be supporting high-jumper Tia Hellebaut on her way to
the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This sponsorship is part of Atos Origin’s global program to sponsor athletes worldwide: by supporting talent such as Tia Hellebaut Atos Origin is demonstrating
its commitment to the Olympic Movement and the sport community.

Tia is enthusiastic about the agreement with Atos Origin. “Atos Origin is not only a leader in its field, but also has a direct relationship with the Olympic Games, where it is responsible for
IT services. I have a clear, simple mission: winning a medal in Beijing. Atos Origin’s mission is to ensure that the Games run smoothly. The company has already demonstrated a successful
partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Organising Committees during the three previous editions of the Games, and I am excited to have entered a partnership with
Atos Origin as well.”

Tia Hellebaut is already competing hard and preparing for her ultimate goal: The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. “I select partners that have a real relationship with sports. As the Worldwide IT
Partner and TOP Sponsor of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Atos Origin easily fulfils that requirement. I will be happy to be the face and athletic ambassador for Atos Origin. It is
also great to see that an important part of the program will involve employees taking part in sporting activities. It will be fun to give advice and if my presence will stimulate them to get
active then that will be an excellent result.” says Tia.

Atos Origin is enthusiastic about its agreement with Tia Hellebaut. The company keeps an eye on international upcoming talents and already sponsors other athletes. It recently signed on the
Dutch cyclist Theo Bos. Marianne Hewlett, Senior Vice President Global Marketing at Atos Origin: “We’ve always believed that investing in future generations is the single most important thing a
business can do. Besides Tia Hellebaut, Atos Origin is already sponsoring other prominent athletes from the Netherlands, UK, and the US. We have put in place an international program in order
to support athletes worldwide who are the rising stars in their field”.

The Atos Origin contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the largest sports-related IT contract covering Salt Lake City in 2002, Athens in 2004, Torino in 2006, Beijing in
2008, Vancouver in 2010 and London in 2012. As the Worldwide Information Technology (IT) Partner and an Official TOP Partner of the International Olympic Committee, Atos Origin has primary
responsibility for Information Technology, relating to IT consulting, systems integration, operations management, information security and software applications development for the Olympic

About Tia Hellebaut
Tia Hellebaut has been a professional athlete since 2001 and qualifies as one of the world’s best high jumpers. The 29-year-old high jumper’s major breakthrough came in 2006 during the
Göteborg European Championships. She won the gold medal with a jump over 2m03. With that jump, the Antwerp native – now living in Tessenderlo –
improved her own Belgian record. Additionally, the athlete – being trained by Wim Vandeven – has an excellent multi-sport record. For example, she holds the Belgian records for indoor
pentathlon and outdoor heptathlon. For the most recent news about Tia Hellebaut, visit

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