Beam Kawee will sing in tune with WWF-Thailand

WWF-Thailand recently chose the well-known singer Beam-Kawee Tanchararak as its first ambassador, his duty is to draw public attention to WWF work, such as the Earth Hour Campaign on 29 March.

Beam will act as a speaker to encourage people, particularly young ones, to protect natural resources and the environment, and help to raise funds for conservation projects.

«I am thankful to WWF-Thailand to give me such an opportunity to contribute to society», said Beam.
The young man is part of the famous boys band D2B, who won over teens with such hits as «Tor Na Chan» and «Mai Mee Ther Wannan Mai Mee Chan Wannee». The three boys were
awarded a MTV trophy some years ago as Thailand’s Best group and made their debut movie in «Sanghorn».
After one of the three boys, Big, died recently, the group was reformed as a duo called «Dan and Beam». Beam is currently studying at Chulalongkorn University, one of the best in
the country.

Last January, the singer visited Bang Poo Natural Education Centre to learn how WWF-Thailand works.

He also discovered the Panda Youth Ambassador Camp, a youth camp to educate and raise youngster’s awareness on environment, turtles and Andaman conservation.

Beam’s producers, RS Company, are already working as WWF-Thailand volunteers. «We chose Beam because we want our artists to dedicate themselves to this project and he is really interested
in environment», said Pornpan Techarungchaikul, RS president of operation.

For Dr. Robert Mather, senior manager of Mekong Ecoregion Program, an environmental ambassador should be a publicly recognized figure, concerned with the environment, determined, enthusiastic
and leading an environmentally-friendly life.

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