Bird Flu Conference: 30 countries represented

The 4th International Bird Flu Summit is well-timed, given the alarming number of recent outbreaks in various parts of the world and the rising toll of human cases. There are 274 confirmed
human cases of avian influenza A virus infection, 167 of which are fatal, according to the World Health Organization.

Over 30 countries are represented in the conference. Public health officials, policy makers, scientists, and business leaders will pool their knowledge and expertise to come out with the best
strategies to prevent bird flu from spreading further. On March 14-15 in Washington, DC, they will discuss pandemic preparedness, response, and recovery.

At present, the majority of the participants come from the U.S., Kenya, Nigeria, and Albania. Countries like Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, and Indonesia will also send representatives.

The Bird Flu Summit has drawn a lot of interest from the international community. New-Field officials expect that the number of participating countries will continue to grow in the coming days
to exceed those of previous conferences.

The two-day event will feature noted speakers who will tackle topics crucial to the campaign against bird flu: Effective Planning and Preparedness, Surveillance and Data Management, Delivery of
Vaccine and Antiviral Medication, Animal Health and Food Safety, Emergency Response Management, Country Reports, and many more.

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