EURATOM Fission gets reactive on info dissemination under FP7

As part of its drive to disseminate information on both what it does, and on specific details relating to its Fission research and development, the Euratom programme has launched a service
dedicated to the dissemination of information. The service is hosted on CORDIS, the European Community’s Research and Development Information Service.

Under the Seventh Euratom Framework Programme, the Fission indirect action will fund projects establishing a scientific and technical basis for the safe, long-term management of long-lived
radioactive waste.

Users are met with a brief introduction and overview of the new service, and provided with links to forthcoming news and events. The website has a standard structure in its menus, making
information access uniform. Users can use the menu to explore in detail issues such as participating in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), calls for proposals, support and publications
which can be found in the ‘library’ section.

Safety in nuclear research is of course crucial. The Fission and Radiation Protection action aims to establish competence in the long-term handling of nuclear radioactive waste, as well as to
promote the safer and more resource-efficient use of nuclear energy. The service provides iconic links to various institutions or programmes offering related information.

A ‘further information’ section provides more details, for example on ‘management of radioactive waste’, ‘reactor systems’, ‘radiation protection’, ‘infrastructures’ and ‘human resources,
mobility and training’. Each link takes the user to a specific section dedicated exclusively to the relevant topic.

The service is clear and concise, and simple to search.

To access the site, please visit:

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