Five Natives produced by Farnese

Five Natives produced by Farnese


It is really a pleasure to have a bottle ‘’labelled’’  Five Natives produced by

the Farnese commercial farm that causes a tactile sensuality,so much is it beautiful and
precious- also when it is closed – in all its rich elements:an important glass an elegant cap, a label and back label that are
harmonious and  well legible.This bottle  that comes from a  150 hectar rent vineyard near Ortona (Ch)
with its 14 alcoholic degrees  proves to be among the top  of the Italian wines

Yes, because it is an extraordinary wine, that ,not by chance,  is able to
win awards, competitions and scores on the top of the guide books of  the  whole world. I want to repeat that just holding in your
own hands a bottle it is an almost sensual pleasure. It is for its forms and  quality that it promises, also sight unseen, special sensations. In fact after
being broached, the Five Natives signed Farnese is a red with

extraordinary  fruity and with an incomparable finesse and complexity.


The oenologists  Filippo Baccalaro  and Jean-Marc
Saboua have found five

 very old vineyards in different regions, some of which  are in the South.. Even if the label does not  specify  it, we learn from Luca Maroni’s guide that it is at
33% Montepulciano, at 30% Primitivo, at 25% Sangiovese, with a certain percentage of Negroamaro (7%) and Malvasia (5%). It is a strange but very successful experiment even if
the  ‘’ Purists’’ do not agree with it.

In addition the product has not been filtered so this powerful and superb red has kept a good fragrance
and a great taste.
 We do not only want to celebrate this important red that is one among the most known and titled  Italian label in the world, but
we suggest you to taste it with attention and with no prejudices. You will love it for its  genuine, complex and pure nature.

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Stephan de Cernetic per

Newsfood’s  editorial staff  has  analyzed  Luca Maroni’s thought: (

“ Five Authochtonous Edition ”


Sensations: it is one  of the best , the most concentrated and powerful red
in the world, in one of its most titanic and  monumental versions. Here we can  clearly see its concentration. Its colour does not
send back light, black hole of substance that eliminates any beam in its very deep and draped folds. Its fragrance is shown by its solid state. It is a morbid and superb. One can taste
all these qualities only after having sipped it. It has a balsamic, spicy

and harmonious taste. Chapeau.


Farnese Vini Ltd

Historical introduction: The firm  is one of the most recent in the national
area. In fact the company was founded in 1994, but it entered the market in

1996. The members, even if young , have a good personal experience and come all from families that have
been in the vine-growing and wine-producing field for generations. The company collaborates with Australian and  Chilean oenologists, and thanks
to  the English group of Hugh Johnson, has been able to make use of the  consulting of the French oenologist Jean-Marc Subua.Every
year the company exports  almost

9000000 bottles all over the world. In few years The Farnese has become the Abbruzzese company number
one in the exportation field and has won the attention of the greatest experts of the sector for its modern line of the industrial plan, for the rigorous principles of the qualitative
control and the rapid commercial success.



Region: Abruzzo

Persons in charge for production: Filippo Baccalaro (Oenologist), Valentino Scotti ( Commercial Person
in charge)

Company starting year: 1994

Bottles  produced: 11000000

Total hectars of estate: 150 rent

Percentage Grapes/Wines bought: 80% of grapes

Supply samples: supplied by the producers


Addresses: Via dei Bastioni – Castello Caldora – 66026 Ortona CH

Tel. 0859067388 – Fax 0859067389

E-mail: [email protected]

 Web address:

Company name: Farnese Vini Srl


 Traduzione di Maria Canoro  [email protected]



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