GE Money Bank selects Atos Origin as its Visa Card processor

Frankfurt am Main – June 28, 2007 -Atos Worldline, an Atos Origin company, has been processing GE Money Bank’s Visa cards in Germany using its proprietary SEMPRIS©core management
system since early 2007. GE Money Bank chose Atos Worldline for its range of products aligned with current market needs and its ability to deliver a broad array of highly complex, synergistic
services in a record turnaround time of less than three months.

GE Money Bank offers current accounts, consumer credit, savings and investment products, life insurance, home loans and credit cards to its consumer customer base.

Atos Worldline handles the technical processing of GE Money Bank’s Visa cards using its proprietary SEMPRIS©core card management system. Atos Worldline also leverages SEMPRIS©core and
additional modules such as revolving credit, loan insurance and apply online card management to manage the entire credit card chain, from card application processing to card issuing to
cardholder service. These modules are specifically configured to work with the business processes underlying the prepaid, bonus and other rate systems. Atos Worldline currently processes an
aggregate 7.2 million Visa and Mastercard cards for its customers with SEMPRIS©core.

GE Money Bank intends to tap into other Atos Worldline services to increase customer satisfaction. Examples include making it possible for cardholders to access account information over the
Internet, on a cell phone or by interactive voice response (IVR).
GE Money Bank also plans to make the most of Atos Worldline’s experience to get involved in offline and online co-branding, as Atos Worldline currently handles more than 500 co-branding

“Atos Worldline is an effective partner in helping us grow our business in Germany,” noted Johannes Neander, GE Money Bank credit card processing manager. “GE Money Bank is a leader in the
global credit card market and we have very ambitious objectives in Germany. By combining our global expertise with Atos Worldline’s competencies and forefront position in Germany, we have a
solid base for meeting those objectives.”

“We are pleased to provide GE Money Bank with our innovative products and technologies to target current market needs and meet specific objectives in credit card processing,” declared Erik Munk
Koefoed, Executive Vice President at Atos Worldline. “GE Money Bank’s plans to offer multi-channel delivery of account information via cell phone, the Internet or IVR opens exciting prospects
for product differentiation and for leveraging new growth potential.”

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