Go North East announces UK's first mobile ticketing service for buses with Atos Origin

London, 4 July 2007 -Go North East, the region’s leading bus operator, has named Atos Origin, an international IT services company, its preferred supplier to manage a new mobile
ticketing service that is set to make paper ticketing a thing of the past. The new service, which is expected to be launched in the autumn, will allow passengers to securely purchase bus
tickets using their mobile phone.

The mobile payment system, to be implemented by Atos Origin, is the first implementation of Atos Worldline’s, new white-label service, Atos Worldline Mobile Payment. The system allows
businesses to capitalise on the ubiquity of the mobile phone by providing an interface that turns the device into a secure, convenient and easy-to-use payment method.

To use the new mobile ticketing service, Go North East passengers will simply register online and arrange for sufficient funds to be banked or credited to their online account. When they reach
the bus stop, they text a supplied dedicated short code number to their account and, as long as they have sufficient funds, a barcode ticket is instantly sent to their mobile phone. Once on
board, the passenger will either show the mobile phone screen to the bus driver or where installed, to the barcode reader, in order to validate the ticket.

“‘Our work with Atos Origin is further demonstration of our commitment to delivering the best in modern accessible public transport to the north east market, and will be the first such bus
ticketing service to market in the UK,” said Martin Harris, Commercial Director at Go-North East.

The Atos Worldline Mobile Payment solution can be used by almost any consumer facing business. It is particularly useful for cinema tickets; travel tickets; theme park tickets; theatre tickets;
fast food; taxis; and online auction bidding. The service is branded with the business’ own logo, promoting loyalty and confidence among consumers that they are dealing with a secure and
trusted brand.

Businesses are charged per transaction for the Atos Worldline mobile payment service, ensuring initial upfront investment, risk and long-term financial risk are kept to a minimum. It can be
integrated with other advanced mobile services, such as bar-code ticketing and mobile e-vouchers, allowing the business to offer a personalised and added-value service to its customers.

Tony Lacy, head of business development for transport, Atos Origin, comments: “Our new solution is a huge step forward for the mobile payment market. It puts businesses in a win-win situation –
they are able to generate additional revenue from mobile payments without having to take any risks in terms of initial or ongoing investment. And because the service is white-labelled, it
actually deepens the consumer’s relationship with the brand.”


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