Metals in weaning foods for infants study published

Following a survey of the levels of 15 metals and other elements in a wide range of commercial weaning foods for infants as published by the Food Standards Agency in September 2006, a study has
now been completed into the levels of inorganic arsenic, methyl mercury and the different types of chromium present in samples of certain brands of similar foods.

The key findings are:

– levels of total arsenic and mercury in weaning foods were similar to those measured in the 2006 survey and were, in all cases, within the legal limits
– levels of the different types of chromium were not measured, as the method development work was not successful in all types of samples investigated
– findings confirm that the levels found do not give concern for children’s health

The Agency will continue to monitor levels of chromium in foods and may consider carrying out further work on chromium in the future if required.

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