Public Health Officials Focus on Surveillance

Health officials from California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania address issues on community participation and surveillance techniques in bird flu summit next week.

Health officials from the Los Angeles County, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will encourage community involvement and stepping up surveillance for pandemic preparation next week, March 14-15, at
the 4th International Bird Flu Summit in Washington, DC. Dr. Brit Ouilfstad, Pandemic Influenza Coordinator of the L.A. County’s Health Department, will propose local partnership and
participation as effective preparedness measures for a flu pandemic. Dr. Veronica Urdaneta, Pennsylvania State Epidemiologist and Director, and Dr. Greg Holzman, Michigan Health Department
Chief Medical Executive, will join Dr. Ouilfstad in the panel of health specialists who will discuss programs for surveillance and data management. “Combining technical expertise with active
community participation is fundamental in strengthening preventive efforts against the deadly H5N1 strain,” says New-Fields CEO and President Samir Farajallah. “The participation of these noted
health experts will shed much light on the measures we have to take to prevent the bird flu from spreading and developing into a pandemic,” he adds.
Other concerns that over 100 conference participants will deliberate on next week are animal and food safety, anti-viral medications and vaccines, and bird flu’s socio-economic impact on

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