Seehofer: Single common market organisation is of historical importance

“The creation of a single market organisation is of historical importance. It would have been unthinkable until a few years ago to turn fifty Council regulations into one. With today’s decision
we succeeded in streamlining agricultural market legislation, rendering it more transparent and clearer and thus making a key contribution to a simplification of the common agricultural
policy,” said Horst Seehofer, Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, in Luxembourg today.

The regulation that has now been adopted replaces a total of 50 Council regulations in the field of EU agricultural market legislation, with the number of relevant articles being reduced from
approx. 600 to around 200. “This as well as the simplification and streamlining of the existing market instruments will render the use and application of provisions easier in the future for
users in the business community and administration,” Seehofer added. Moreover, key German aims could be reached in the consultations. Hence, it will also be ensured in the future that the
relevant experts from the Member States and the Commission will be present in the newly created single Management Committee when addressing product-specific topics. In contrast to the original
proposal, the responsibilities of the Council could also be maintained in politically-relevant fields with a shift of competencies to the Commission being prevented.

“We will consistently continue to pursue the course of simplification in the field of agricultural market legislation we have embarked on. The creation of the single common market organisation
marks a key step on this route,” the Minister added.

With the adoption of this Regulation together with the conclusions on the follow-up measures to be taken with regard to cross-compliance, two important projects of simplification and priorities
of agricultural policy could be successfully finalised or advanced during the German EU Council Presidency.

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