The European Platform for Action “Diet, Physical Activity and Health”

On 15 March 2005 the European Platform for Action “Diet, Physical Activity and Health” was launched. The Platform was created to provide a common forum for all interested actors at
European level where (1) they can explain their plans to contribute concretely to the pursuit of healthy nutrition, physical activity and the fight against obesity, and where those plans can be
discussed; and where (2) outcomes and experience from actors’ performance can be reported and reviewed, so that over time better evidence is assembled of what works, and Best Practice
more clearly defined. The Platform operates under the leadership of the European Commission whose role is above all to make sure that a cooperative and action-oriented approach is respected,
and to ensure that the activities of the Platform are in harmony with the work of the European Network on Nutrition and Physical Activity, and with the discussions in the Council and the
European Parliament.

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