Waitrose gives traffic light labelling green light

Food retailer Waitrose is extending its traffic light labelling in a bid to keep up with current health trends and reel in the healthy shopper, Waitrose will be extending the Food
Standards Agency’s ‘traffic light’ labelling across all of its recommended products by the end of March 2007, the new products to be included are burgers, pies, sausages, breaded poultry
and fish.

When we started introducing traffic light signposting to our range of sandwhiches and ready meals last year, we resolved to fully implement the scheme within twelve months. I am very
pleased we are back on track with this commitment, said Christian Cull Waitrose marketting director.

A spokeswoman from Waitrose told FoodandDrinkEurope.com that the supermarket had supported the nutritional labelling since its introduction and was extending labelling ahead of schedule as part
of its commitment to healthy produce.

We use the FSA model because consumers have responded well and because it is the right thing to do. We would like to see the system more widely adopted to assist consumers, said

The FSA will run television adverts promoting the scheme later this month, and several other retailers are expected to lend their support to the campaign.

The FSA’s traffic light labelling system, which measures levels of fat, salt and sugar, has proved to be an issue of contention. Supermarket Sainsbury’s withdrew from the British Retail
Consortium early last year. The company instead uses a ‘wheel of health‘ system in the form of a circle.

by James Knowles

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