Wine Standards consultation

The Wine Standards branch of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a 12 week public consultation on its enforcement policy.

It is a year since Wine Standards became part of the FSA, following implementation of the Hampton Review recommendations.

The consultation document, which is available at the link below, describes the regulatory framework, the risk-based approach to inspection and the enforcement powers available to inspectors,
and invites comment from stakeholders.

Alan Curran, head of the FSA’s wine standards branch, said: ‘We have eight regionally based inspectors who are responsible for carrying out inspections at vineyards traders and wholesalers.
Wine Standards inspectors have always worked closely with the industry, offering advice and assistance on how to comply with the regulations.

‘The consultation exercise offers the opportunity to listen to the views of stakeholders, with the aim of improving our effectiveness and ensuring that inspection and enforcement are
consistent, transparent and proportionate.’

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