Workplace incidents continue to fall

26 June 2007 – The latest Food and Drink Federation (FDF) statistics on injuries in the food and drink manufacturing industry reveal that workplace injury rates are falling year-on-year.
Major injuries have dropped by around 22% to 1,047 since 2004/05, during which time the overall incident rate reduced by approximately 17% to 1,450 per 100,000 employees.

FDF’s statistics are in line with those recorded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) whose RIDDOR statistics (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2005)
reveal that the ongoing Recipe for Safety initiative between the food and drink manufacturing industry and HSE has led to the total injury rate dropping by 37% and major injury rate by around
24% since 1990/1991.

Julian Hunt, Director of Communications at FDF, said:
“As a major UK employer we have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for our workforce. This is something we take very seriously. A safe workforce is also vital in ensuring the
continued success of the food and drink manufacturing sector. Ultimately the industry is striving for low injury rates, and I am delighted to see that FDF’s ongoing work with the HSE and other
partners is bearing fruits.”

The joint FDF/HSE Recipe for Safety initiative began in the early 1990’s. It encompasses the Food and Drink Manufacture Health and Safety Forum, which is driving forward a range of priority
health and safety issues to further reduce the main causes of injury and occupational ill health. As part of the initiative, the recently revised Recipe for Safety booklet sets out the priority
health and safety issues for food and drink sector; gives benchmarks for performance; and suggests how issues can be tackled.

Richard Morgan, Manager, Food Section at the Health and Safety Executive, said:
“Since the Recipe for Safety initiative started in 1990/91, by 2005/06 provisional figures show that fatal injuries per year have more than halved; the total number of injuries has dropped by
50%; and all-injury incidence rates in major food sectors have dropped significantly over a decade. For example, injuries in dairies have dropped by 22%, bakeries by 48% and meat/poultry
processing by 67%. By continuing with the Recipe for Safety partnership between HSE and FDF we hope these successes will continue.”

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